Cloud VS Self-Hosted

The DocDesigner: a cloud or a self-hosted - what to choose?

We developed the popular solution "DocDesigner" for Bitrix24.
Bitrix24 is provided in two versions: a "cloud" service at * (.de,.eu, etc) and a "self-hosted" version that can be hosted on own server.

We will not now consider the advantages and disadvantages of both variants of Bitrix24 versions. We will compare features and abilities of two versions of the "DocDesigner": a cloud vs a selfhosted.

The cloud version of the DocDesigner is compatible with the cloud Bitrix 24 and with the self-hosted Bitrix24. The self-hosted version of the DocDesigner works only with self-hosted Bitrix24.

Below is a comparative table for the two solutions. Information on this page is current as of this writing. You can always download a file in which the current information will be presented.